280 of 366 || Luck

Had work in the morning until the afternoon with Jenn. Steven stopped by and it was nice to finally catch up with one another. Since City Hall has been lite up orange for the Giants, I wanted to photograph it. Hit up Eric and see if he wanted to go night shooting with me and of course he wanted to tag along. Stopped by his house and it was great seeing his family since I haven't seen them in a while. Not to mention Eric's parents are really chill and laid back. Since we were waiting for Ryan while he was at the Giants game, we were killing time not only for it to get dark but relax as we waited for Ryan. Since it took longer than expected, we decided to go shoot City Hall for the mean time. I was using Eric's 85mm F/1.4 and I must say, such an amazing lens.

After shooting, we headed to Embarcadero to take some photos. By our luck, fireworks started going off in mid air. I was lucky I must say. Without Eric's 85mm, I wouldn't get some decent shots of the fireworks. After shooting the fireworks, waited a while until Ryan showed up. Since Ryan wanted to photograph City Hall, we headed back there. By our luck again, we saw a newly wed getting there photos taken. It was a dope sight to see how other photographers work in their field. Again Eric's 85mm not only did justice but also was perfect for snapping some behind the scene photos. After City Hall, decided to grab some Tea Way which was on Ryan. Since it was getting late, dropped off Ryan, then Eric, and last going home.

My 366 entry is a photograph of a couple watching the fireworks from when Eric and me were at Embarcadero. Honestly the 85mm did more than justice. I can easily see myself having this lens and not selling it ever. It's a must have. The 50mm shot at wide open isn't as sharp compared to the 85mm shot wide open. The difference between them just amazes me. I believe this shall be my new lens I am hoping or saving for. I can easily go into more detail but with out a doubt, a must have lens.

P.S - Happy 83 Months to Mindy & me. Next month, 7 years || 84 Months.



Fully Laced, San Francisco.




City Hall, San Francisco.



City Hall, San Francisco.






City Hall, San Francisco.



280 of 366.
280 of 366 || Luck.