284 of 366 || Runs

Slept until the afternoon since it was my only day off this week. Worked on photos, ate, and watched the game. Since I was going to go night shooting with Marvin, chilled around the house until Mindy and Marvin were both off. Picked up Mindy first, and then Marvin. Went to his place real quick and then we were off to San Francisco to go shoot. We decided to shoot around Embarcadero but started to rain out of no where. Went to Ciot tower and it was windy but stopped raining. Since we got hungry, decided to eat at Farolito which is always on point with there burritos. Afterwards, stopped by Tea Way and went home. Although I slept in, it wasn't enough for me considering I'm still tired.

G & R.




M & M.



Ciot Tower, San Francisco.

San Francisco, CA.

San Francisco, CA.


284 of 366.
284 of 366 || MKP.