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Had the usual work Sunday with Mike and Jenn. Got a text from Joey asking if he wanted to go watch Wreck It Ralph with Krystle. Sure enough I was down to go because I heard nothing but good reviews.  Headed to Joey and Krystle place first since Joey got off work later than I did. Chilled and then Joey showed up. A few minutes later, Derek and Andy stopped by for me to take photos of some clothing items. Since we were hungry, decided to grab some food at In-N-Out and then head to Century Theatres. The one in Daly City didn't have any god viewing seats, so we decided to watch it at Tanforan. Overall Wreck It Ralph was a great movie. Not only did it have a lot of Cameos, but an overall good story line. I feel that Disney movies are better than actual films but that's just me. If you haven't yet, go watch the film. Well worth your money and time!





K & J.




323 of 366.
323 of 366 || Movie Night