327 of 366 || Unexpected

Around 9:52 a.m., I woke with a strong pain in my left lung. Every time I would do a full inhale, my lungs would be squeezed leaving me an excruciating pain I couldn't handle. The only way I could breath was short breaths real fast. I knew something was wrong because I never had any type of pain like this. Went to the emergency room and waited for the papers were filled out. The first nurse checked out my lungs and the pain was so excruciating, I started to cry a bit. Seemed no matter what position I was in, the pain kept continuing. I was assisted to a room where a few nurses and a doctor or so checked me out. They first put some magnetic stickers around my body to do an x-ray. From there, I was hooked up to some I.V, had to have a sample of my urine and blood. I hated the fact needles and liquids were being put into my body. I started to shake like I had a seizure.

For an hour or so, I would rest and be checked upon. I was then moved into another room where a cat scan was needed so they further to see what the problem is. Right before the scan, I was injected with another liquid, which was the color yellow. I felt it come through my left arm and through my body. I was having a heat flash, but that was normal. After a while, I was moved back to the same room where I was in the beginning. From there the doctor said I needed to be injected with Morphine. The moment the nurse injected morphine in my body, I felt it through my arm and all over my body fast. Less then 30 seconds, I felt one of the most excruciating unbearable pain ever. I was coughing and my lungs were in the most pain I ever felt in my life. I was crying and felt tears run down my face quick. I was gripping my blanket and my body kept an arch where I couldn't control. After coughing, I could finally breath. I can do a full inhale and felt great but I was still somewhat in pain.

It seemed that the morphine what was injected in my body got rid of the pain in my left lung. I still felt some pain but not as bad because I could finally breath. Drank some water and was finally feeling a lot better. Mindy was there the whole time and answered any of my phone calls. Mitch, Nick, and Crystal stopped by to visit. Since we can only have one visitor, Mitch was the one who came in the room. The moment Mitch came in the room, the nurse gave me my papers on what medication to use and what might have been the problem. I could finally leave the hospital. The doctors were unsure what might have caused the pain, but they found a blood clot the size of my hand that was preventing and restricting my breathing.

The time I spent in the hospital, I thought of the worst possible outcome, which was a rare disease of some sort or even surgery. It's not something you would want to think about but it ran through my mind several times because I never had this pain or problem before. Not even in my past history or any medical conditions. All I could think of was, what is wrong with my body and me? Before leaving the hospital, Mitch helped me get dressed and removed any remaining sticker magnetics that was on my body. Went back home to get something to eat and drink. Decided to spend my Thanksgiving with Mitch and his family. Right before dinner, I gave thanks because I wanted too and needed to express myself.

Thanksgiving is to give thanks to what you're thankful for. This shouldn't be only today, but everyday you wake up. You don't know exactly how long you live for and tomorrow isn't promised. As I talk about my experience from today, I still have some slight pain still in my left lung. I'm not sure whether or no it shall come back, but I am afraid still. I hated the position I was in today, and I don't ever want to be in that position. Being hooked up with wires and being injected with liquids. Be thankful, cherish, and appreciate everything you have. I just want to thank Rhandy, Girlie, Mitch, Nick, and Crystal who helped and supported in the worst situation I have been in. Thank you for all the people who were concerned about me as well. More importantly, very thankful for Mindy who stood by me and waited all those hours in the hospital. Checking up on me, making sure everything will be alright.  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and was better than mines.

All photographs were taken by Mindy.






326 of 366.
326 of 366 || Unexpected

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