331 of 366 || Inner Thoughts

Class was canceled today. I stayed home after dropping Mindy off at Bart. I started to reflect and think in my backyard. It was a nice but chilly day. Thought about not only myself but also 2013. It's just around the corner and I had a few ideas on revamping my blog. Every year I come up with many ideas and in the end only a few stick around. Opportunities come and go and I try my best to grab the ones I believe that will benefit me in the long run. There will be a shift in change on this blog. Let's just hope it's for the better and not the worst. I won't say much to spoil anything, but I can only envision it in my head. Writing on a piece of paper works, but sometimes it doesn't. Few more weeks until class is done and I need to stay focused. Stay tuned.





Dim B&W.

Ways B&W.



331 of 366.
330 of 366 || Backyard.