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Since I didn't have work or class today, I got to finally see my doctor for my follow up. The day of Thanksgiving, one of the doctors in the emergency room apparently thought I had a possible blood clot. When you're lying down in bed for several hours and being injected with all types of liquids, you don't listen as much. (Well in my case I wasn't) My mind was elsewhere. I had a possible chance of having a blood clot at the time, even with all the x-ray scans and test. Today, my doctor said everything was fine. More or less it was probably mucus that was built up and got caught up. If I did have a blood clot I would of stayed a day or two in the hospital. Thankfully, I'm fine and my doctor said I'm pretty healthy.

After my doctor's appointment, decided to test out Eric's Nikon 55mm F/3.5 Non-AI lens through out the day. I must say, even this lens is an older lens, that didn't bother me one bit. I appreciate the craft, quality and overall built of older lens. This lens doesn't auto focus, and I like for once I had to manual focus only. At times, I wish this lens did auto focus but I had fun just playing around. All I can say is, this lens is super sharp even at F/3.5. Since Rhandy and Girlie were home all day, we all decided to put up the Christmas tree and lights. It's that time of the year again and boy did time fly this year. Since December is in a few days, I am going to work on my yearly recap. I will try some new stuff but keep the old method going since it works. Stay Tuned.

All photographs were all manual focused. 









R & G.


55mm F/3.5 B&W.

55mm F/3.5 B&W.

333 of 366.
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