A New Start - Daily Adventures 001

Happy New Years! I hope everyone had a great new year and stayed safe.

For 2013, let me begin by saying I am no longer doing a 365 Project. How come or why? The first few times I actually tried to do a 365 project, I failed. It may seem easy, but it isn't. You either run out of ideas, get lazy, or get caught up with life itself. The first time I completed a 365 project was in 2011. Don't get me wrong, it was fun the first time around and wanted to prove to myself that I can do it. Last year, I completed a 366 (Leap Year) It was great, but I notice that it got repetitive and somewhat boring. I felt less motivated, but was able to complete it, which I am very pleased. Doing a 365 project shows a lot about a person. It shows dedication, drive, and the will to actually complete something that no one is telling you to do. In the end it's something only you can be proud of. At the same time, I lost a great amount of sleep, my drive wasn't as great the first time around, and I wanted it to be over. Again it's not easy, but you're proving to yourself you can do something.

I thought about doing a 52 Week project. Every week I would post a new blog entry, but I felt that wasn't good enough. Instead I am going back to how I did things a few years ago. Having a blog post every other day. Every now and then there will be blog posts everyday so it still feels like nothing has changed.

Mainly for 2013, my plan is to really focus on crafting myself as a better photographer. I am going to strive even harder for what career path I want to be in. Taking opportunities I wasn't able to because of work, school or I got caught up with something I felt was more important. Covering and photographing more events twice as much as I did last year. Most importantly I believe in the next few years or so, I believe the set path would be a wedding photographer. I simply love how weddings are different and unique. I am able to capture amazing moments.

For now, I decided to do Daily Adventures. Very similar to my blog posts, which still showcases my life on a daily basis on how I see things from my eyes. For now these are my set plans and looking forward to what 2013 as in store for me plus more. Whatever lies ahead for myself, the path as being a photographer just feels right. Stay Drive.


I came home around 3 in the morning and didn't go to sleep until 4 something in the morning. I had work within the next few hours so I was struggling waking up. Had work until the afternoon with Mike. Zalo, Mike, and myself decided to eat Buffalo Wild Wings in Daly City after everyone got off work today. Since Zalo got off work later on in the evening, I went to go shooting with Ron, Anna, and Ryan. We decided to check out this new location that was close by Twin Peaks. It was freezing cold and the path was muddy. Afterwards, got dropped back to Stonestown to chill and wait for Zalo.

Headed over to Buffalo Wild Wings were we waited for everyone. For the record, the Daly City Buffalo Wild Wings isn't all that great. The wings have less sauce and smaller wings compared to the previous Buffalo Wild Wings I have eaten ate. I will give it another try and if the outcome is the same, I will not be eating there again. I will stick to my where I normally eat Buffalo Wild Wings. Overall, good company for my first dinner in 2013. Enjoy.



Fully Laced, San Francisco.





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