Monthly Review 01 of 12

A few months ago, Beastly Mike and I were brainstorming ideas for 2013. He came up with the idea that I should do a monthly review or recap for those who are either viewing my blog for the first time and/or those who haven't checked it in a while. The reason being that I use to update my blog everyday and it was sometimes hard to find certain posts. I also decided to showcase last years photos from each month that has passed to remind myself on how far I've progressed and to see what needs to be worked on. Thanks again Beastly Mike for the great idea!

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Tourettes Without Regrets.

Andrew's 86' Corolla.

Dead End.

San Francisco, CA.

San Francisco, CA.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.


Some highlights from Jan 2012.

002 of 366 || First Day.

Jimbo B&W.

017 of 366.

City Hall, San Francisco.

01.21.12 || Socal Day 002.