Daily Adventures 074

Yesterday was my first wedding of the year and first day at my second job as a wedding photographer. Although I can't post any photos until after a few months, let's just say I did pretty good considering it was myself only. Not only was it my first Indian wedding, but did pretty good considering I was photographing be myself. With no one to help me out or ask advice on what to do, I managed to have a better turn out than expected. Although I was hired for six hours, I really wanted to photograph the evening portion of the wedding but unfortunately I can't due to the certain rules and polices.

After being in the sun in black slacks, button up and tie, I headed back to the Bay Area to meet up with my family for dinner. My older brother Reniel was back in town after being in the Army for quite some time. Tried Lucille's BBQ in Concord and was decent. Afterwards, went around Sun Valley Mall and then Walmart. Mindy & I are getting our last minute shopping done for Las Vegas since we are leaving in a few days. After a very long day, I can't remember the last time I had a good nights sleep.

Today I had work from the afternoon until closing. Work was pretty chill. I wasn't able to attend Hot Import Nights because I'm making up the hours I either missed or requested off for upcoming weddings. After work, I hit up Brandon to see if he wanted to grab a bite to eat at El Farolito. We then decided to go night shooting at Sutro Baths since I was waiting for Mindy to get back from Hot Import Nights. The night ended shortly because it was cold and windy. After doing more weddings, I shall update my portfolio and give some tips on shooting weddings. It's probably done before but doesn't hurt at all to give feedback and layout some helpful tips for those trying to be in the wedding field. Just want to shout out and say thank you Eric L for lending me your lens when I needed it the most. Thanks a lot. Until then, enjoy these photos.







R & R.






S & M.

Fully Laced, San Francisco.

Fully Laced, San Francisco.

Fully Laced, San Francisco.

Fully Laced, San Francisco.

Fully Laced, San Francisco.

Fully Laced, San Francisco.

Fully Laced, San Francisco.


Rocky B&W.

Trees B&W.