2013 Year End Recap

What a year...What a year...What a year it has been for me. Looking back and reflecting this year, a lot has happened. More or less, the good has weighed out the bad and many opportunities and goals have been met. Some time last year, I promised myself that in 2013, I wanted to photograph twice the amount of events and weddings I did in 2012. Both goals have been met.

Besides working with a wedding company and labeling myself as a wedding photographer, I gained and built stronger friendships with people I wanted to keep in touch and work with. Especially in the sneaker community, I developed new friendships and relationships that helped me gain sneakers I could only imagine. Not to mention with restoring sneakers.

Working at Fullylaced, has been another great year. Besides the upsetting move during the summer, we managed to get through it and I wouldn't have it any other way with the team. Back in Fall 2010, it was the first semester at Academy of Art University San Francisco (AAU). It has been exactly three years and I'm halfway to graduating (I hope).

When reflecting on myself, I believe I have matured but learned more about myself especially. I know I'm getting better with taking photographs and still sticking to my short and long-term goals I planned out in 2009. All I needed was time and soon enough, I haven't looked back or regret the decisions I have made since 2009. I choose to follow and pursue my goals and dreams in the photography world and I have been happy since.

I see myself still learning, growing, and adapting to new things in the New Year. I have set goals and priorities that I planned a while back. I know I can meet those required goals if I stay focused like I did three years ago. With that being said, I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for me. As always, enjoy. Cheers!

 Tourettes Without Regrets.

Andrew's 86' Corolla.



San Francisco, CA.



San Francisco, CA.

N & A.


Cross B&W.




Transfer B&W.




K & D.

Into The Light B&W.

Adapt's One Year.

Adapt's Pop Up Shop.

Two Sides.

WDYWT - 03.25.13



Electric Run SF 04.27.13

Greg's Birthday Dinner.

Las Vegas Day 002 - 06.20.13

O, B, M, P, & S.

Chow Chow.



E & M.

Street Fighter Tournament.

Fully Laced, San Francisco.



Canibeat - 09.06.13

Derek No Maddic.

DXC SF - 09.22.13

Mindy's 26th.

Jeff's Wedding Proposal





DXCSF - 11.24.13

DXCSF - 11.24.13

FL Fam.


FL 2013.


Favorite anniversary, engagement, and wedding photos I have taken this year.

Rajni + Gabriel 06.14.13

Lou Ann + Rommel -  09.08.13

Karah + Leng || Wedding

Jamelyn + Rommel - Engagement

Carmen + Chris - Wedding

Soniya + Son - Wedding

Teresa & Ivan - Wedding

Lan & Victor - Wedding

Thomisha & Christopher - Wedding

Kimmee & Shawn - Wedding

Knoble & Alaia - Four Year Anniversary.'

Sharon & CJ - Two Year Anniversary.

Alexandria & Douglas - Wedding.


Favorite event photos I have taken this year.

Tourettes Without Regrets.

SF Pillow Fight 2013.

The Color Run San Francisco 2013.


POP2013 - 04.06.13

POP2013 - 04.06.13

Electric Run SF 04.27.13

Sacramento Raceway - 05.1913

CSUEB Springfest 2013 05.25.13

CSUEB Springfest 2013 05.25.13

CSUEB Springfest 2013 05.25.13

Beast To The East - 06.01.13

FAME SS2013 - 06.01.13

Las Vegas Day 004 - 06.22.13

Las Vegas Day 004 - 06.22.13

Lake Tahoe - 2013


Favorite sneaker photos I photographed this year.

2001 Snakeskin XI's.

Woman Splatter Dunks.

1998 Black & Red XIII's.

Nike Flywire Roshe Runs.

Columbia XI's.

1985 Metallic I's.

1985 Black & Red I's.

1993 Playoff IX's.

Nike Lebron XI - Miami Heat Away.

2000 Black & Cool Grey Co.Jp Dunk High LE's.

Terracotta Warrior XI's.

Calypso Roshe Runs.

1999 Black & Red IV's.