S001 EP011

Sunday's are usually my day off, but since it was one of my homies birthday that recently passed, decided to chill and hang out. Picked up Jed at his place and then headed out to the Nike Clearance store in San Leandro. Wasn't really planning to get anything but just to check to see what they have. I ended up finding San Francisco 49er's jerseys for twenty dollars since they were having an additional 20% off all items in the store basically. I ended up getting the home and away jerseys.

Afterwards, we headed out to Ramen Dojo in San Mateo where we met up Justin. First time eating here and very similar to The Boiling Crab in San Jose, the line gets long pretty fast. Overall, the ramen was really good. Since Ramen Dojo has many different food spots, we ended up trying Sharetea, which is a Boba/Milk Tea joint. I tried the Hokkaido Milk Tea and it wasn't bad. I don't get the common pearl/boba, instead I usually get something different to replace it. I ended up replacing it with aloe which were larger slices than usual spots so it was some what different. I ended up buying Taro Milk Tea with Red Bean and that made me like the place more. I always try Taro at a lot of Milk Tea joints because every spot makes it different. A must try and my pick for sure the next time I'm around. 

Since Mindy, Justin, and Jed wanted grab some Roti Bun's at Honey Berry, I decided to try it the first time. I heard a great deal about Honey Berry's infamous Roti Bun. It's a bread type bun with a flavorful layer of spread that's baked for a period of time in an oven. When it's ready, it's best tried when it's fresh out the oven. I got the plain Roti Bun and I must say, it wasn't bad. I felt it was missing a touch of your favorite ice cream or another sweet spread like Nutella. After eating and chilling at Honey Berry, ended up going home. All in all today was a good day. 



Air Max.



Passing B&W.


Ramen Dojo.