S005 EP121

This past Monday, went to go photograph around Oakland Hills with Marvin and Nikk in the morning. It was pretty cool to just explore a different area that I never really go out and do. I also can't remember the last time I actually went out to just take photos of nature itself rather than city life. I guess it's because of my semester this time around. I'm just finding it more complex to spend time to do so since I'm so focused on my goals this year.

I had work later on in the afternoon with Zalo. Work was pretty chill. After work, linked up with Joey and met his girlfriend Spica for the first time. We decided to take photos on top of a hotel rooftop which didn't turn out so great. We ended up getting caught. I thought we were going to get fined but the security just talked to us for a few minutes and told us we had to leave. I'll take that over any fine or ticket any day. Honestly getting trouble taking photos isn't just worth it to me.

I've had my share of troublesome with photography but I was younger and as I'm getting older, I just wanna stay away from any trouble. It's funny because when I was younger and growing up, I would always be in trouble. I would be used to it that I didn't care or wasn't ashamed at all. Now that I'm older, I can't find myself getting in trouble at all. Maybe it's because I learned from it or playing my cards the right way rather than the wrong way with everything I've been given.

It's been one long, exhausting, productive, hectic and some what overwhelming week for me. I found myself always telling myself that no matter how hectic it gets, never make it so overwhelming or ask more than you can handle. These last few days, sleep has been an option. I've been frequently running on small nap breaks just to keep moving forward. I guess you can say it's been a rough week but in a good way. One good thing from this week was I found out that I have Spring Break starting next week. It's funny because all if not most classmates and students knew but for whatever reason I just didn't know. I'm on Spring Break but it won't start for me until after Sunday.

Tomorrow I'm photographing one of my long time homies wedding which I'm super excited about. As I get older, it's normal to see all my friends get married or have kids. Before it was like "No Way?!". Sunday I just have errands and two meetings. Man...all in all what a week it has been. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Cheers!



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