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I recently switch vlogging cameras from my trusty Nikon D750 to a Canon 80D. I switched for various reasons. Don't get me wrong, I really like the D750 a lot, but it's hard when you're a one man team especially when the D750 only has a tilt screen and not movable 360 screen like it's competitor, Canon. I knew it would benefit myself if I had not only a movable 360 screen but also a very good auto focus face detection system. Nikon's system, well... not so much.

When using AF-S lens, it was still a bit loud and I always disliked that so I would always have to use manual focusing when talking in front of the camera or when I wasn't seeing the lcd screen. It was literally a hassle when you're trying to figure out what your iso was, what aperture you're on or what shutter speed it's on depending on what fps mode you're shooting on. Basically a lot of basic things that made recording much harder on myself and this is coming from a full frame camera. One amazing thing with full frame cameras which I'm sure a lot would agree on is how well it handles in low light situations.

I have used Canon before so adjusting to it wasn't as difficult. I always preferred Canon's lens over Nikon's lens but for camera bodies, Nikon for sure. Maybe it's because I started off with Nikon or maybe it's Canon's L lens series. Regardless of what people choose, it's all subjective. I decided to test both the photo system but more the video portion while testing out Canons 80D. One thing I forgot to do is change the photos from jpeg to raw images. So all of the images were jpeg, post processed jpeg, and then converted jpeg again.

The lenes I used were the 10-22mm F/3.5-4.5 which I'm losing a full stop compared to 17-35mm F2.8, but again it's always based what you generally shoot. I was also able to get a 50mm F/1.8 II thanks to the homie BJ. Sold me his 50mm for a really good price. So in the vlog you'll see two different focal lengths because of that. One thing I did notice was the audio difference between the Canon 80D & Nikon D750. The audio is way better on the Nikon compared to the Canon. Some parts where I felt the audio was only playing either only on the side and then playing regularly. It was weird but I think in time i'll figure out why.

Overall, I just need to use the camera more. I'm only going off by my first impressions and just by using only one full day in San Francisco. In general, I'm pretty happy with it overall minus some minor problems I may see. Time will tell but for now, lets keep moving forward.

Steak & Eggs.



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Hidden Camera.

Ocean Beach.



Karl The Fog.




As for recent pick ups, thanks to the homie Matt (@Kajiholic), I was able to get the last pair og original Air Jordan X's from 1994 - 1995 to complete the Air Jordan X set. Honestly, when it comes to OG X's, Powders, Shadows, Steels, and Sacramentos are very common depending on size, condition and of course price. Those are the three factors for me when hunting down sneakers. The rest of the original X's such as the Seattles (My favorite), Orlandos, New Yorks, & Chicagos are the ones that will take some time based on price and size. Conditions vary but for the most part it's always the size and price for those four.

When it came to getting the last og X's (Sacramentos) to completed the set, it was the price and size I was waiting for. I was hoping to find one with the box, but some times for OG's, for me, I have standards for original Air Jordans. For OG V's and up, I wanted it strictly in my size, with the og box, but condition, I'm not so picky. When the Sacramento's finally showed up for a good price, I knew it was that time to pull the trigger. Finally with obtaining the Sacramento's to completed the og X set, I can finally say that the X's are completed and I don't have to worry about it.

1995 Sacramento X's.

1994 & 1995 OG Jordan X's.

1994 & 1995 OG X Set Completed.

1994 & 1995 OG X Set Completed.

Speaking of sneakers, the homie John & I teamed up to restore these free 2004 Air Jordan Playoff XII's & Black & Red Bred XIII's that my homie Jerome gave to me for free. Jerome said that the XIII's were burned and the XII's had separation due to wearing them so much which you can see from the video and photos. I came up with the idea to restore, auction them by putting them on eBay, and whatever we sold, we would give 100% of profits to Breast Cancer Research Foundation (https://www.bcrf.org/) which donates 90% or more to programs. We did this out of the greater good. We didn't have to, but we wanted to do something different and new

You can check out the eBay auction link below. Thanks!

2004 Playoff XII's Before Restoration.

2004 Black & Red Bred XIII's Before Restoration.

2004 XII & XIII's After Restoration.

2004 XII & XIII's After Restoration.

2004 XII & XIII's After Restoration.

2004 Playoff XII's After Restoration.

2004 Black & Red Bred XIII's After Restoration.