S016 EP252

Stopped by Mt. Tam again but this time with Mitch, Em, & Monica during the day time since they actually never been there. Also, they have never been there in the day time so it was a nice change. It's really peaceful when you're actually at the very top. It's one of the places I enjoy going because not a lot of people go there.

Afterwards swung by Golden Gate Bridge. It's literally getting worst to get parking just to check out one of the most beautiful spots that San Francisco has to offer. Since we got hungry, we decided to eat California Pizza Kitchen in Emeryville since we wanted to go watch Kingsman 2, The Golden Circle. It was a cool movie even if it was over 2 hours long.

The whole entire day for the vlog, I was trying to figure out what to talk about. Recently Nintendo released the Super Nintendo or as others call it the S.N.E.S for short. All though I do have the original one from the 1990's, it's nice that they are bringing back classic consoles. I brought up the topic of the Nintendo 64 (N64). It was my all time favorite console growing up next to Playstation. Check out my thoughts on them retroing the N64 as well as the best games to have for N64. Enjoy





E & M.



R & M.

Golden Gate Bridge.

Thanks to Bows & Arrows (@bowsandarrowsberkeley) I was able to do an early review and first look at the newly Royal Flyknit Air Jordan 1.

2017 Royal Flyknit Jordan 1.

2017 Royal Flyknit Jordan 1.

2017 Royal Flyknit Jordan 1.