Every Sneaker Pick Up of 2017

Merry Christmas everyone!

Every year I look back and reflect how many sneakers I acquired. This year, I didn't buy as much and the total count of sneakers was twenty seven. The past few years has been closer to one hundred. Yeah... one hundred... but, I believe it's because I wasn't buying as much because I already obtained a handful that I already wanted. Or... it was simply because a lot of shoes just didn't attract me. Or maybe its me just slowing down. For whatever reason it may be, this might be the same situation for 2018. Who knows, maybe i'll just end up getting all the grails no matter the price and be content with 10 sneakers only for 2018.

Adidas NMD Bape Green Camo.
Started the year off with a bang. Didn't want to start unless I got this sneaker.
Bape Green Camo Adidas NMD.

Adidas NMD Bape Black Camo.
Adidas Bape Green & Black Camo NMD's.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zebras. Still think these are the dopest out of all the V2 colroways.
Adidas Yeezy 350 Turtle Dove V1 & V2 Zebras.

Ross Pro B's. One of my favorites. Doubled up since my first pair was beat. Mesh, griptape, and gum soles. Can't go wrong.
Ross Low Pro B Dunks.

Reese Denim Dunk Hi's. Can't go wrong with good denim quality sneakers with a modern twist on a classic.
Denim Reece Forbe High SB.

2017 Royal Jordan 1's. First time getting lucky on the Nike Sneakers Ap. Quality on the leather is good af.
1985 & 2017 Royal Jordan 1.

$20 pick up from DXC SF, why not? 2008 Laser Premier 1's. Restored these joints.
2008 Jordan 1 Laser Premier.

2001 Japan CO.JP. Jordan 1 Midnight Navy. Suede so buttaaaaaaaa.
2001 Japan CO.JP. Jordan 1 Midnight Navy.

2008 Purple Blazer SB. Had these when they first released in 2008. 9 years later, I ended up getting them again.
2008 Purple Blazer SB.

2017 Jordan All Star I's. One of my top picks for 2017. A new colorway with some cool features.
2017 Jordan All Star I's.

Veggie Tan Old School Vans. Quality. I mean literally Quality!
Veggie Tan Old School Vans.

Black Gum Sole Adidas NMD's. All black uppers, white midsoles and gum soles. Do I need to say more?
Black Gum Sole Adidas NMD's.

1986/1987 OG Jordan II White & Red Lows. Being a collector for original sneakers, the Jordan II's are probably the hardest to obtain. When I finally completed the 1986/1987 OG II Jordan Set, I was just happy overall. Seeing something that I completed and so difficult to do is just amazing.
1986/1987 OG Jordan II Set.

Purple AF1 Retro. Purple goodies.
Purple AF1 Retro.

1995 Sacramento OG X's. Finally completing the OG x's which has been on my list for a while now. It was one those right price, right condition at the right time.
1994 & 1995 OG X Set Completed.

Jordan x Bape Black Red Bred I Customs Done By Me. One of my favorite sneaker models with combining one of my favorite brands from an all white sneaker. Real proud and amazed how they turned out since it was all hand painted.
Jordan Bape Bred I's (Done By Me)

Jordan 4 KAWS Black. Online exclusive drop. Probably the most excited I've been for a sneaker in a while. Easily one of my top picks for this year.
Jordan 4 KAWS Black.

Adidas Oxford Tan Yeezy 350. YZY SZN.
Adidas Oxford Tan Yeezy 350.

2002 3M Dunk Highs. Great colorway with some great features and to top it off, quality materials.
2002 3M Dunk Highs.