I really never blog. I usually let the picture say everything. I decided to blog and vent more. Today I stopped by school to talk to my admission counselor, Ann. Shes real nice, more a friend rather than a counselor or a teacher. We discuss our grounds and money wise that was troubling me back in December. Going back to school on March 30th, can't wait really.

The weather this week has been the weather I've been wanting for the while. All we get is rain or ugly sky clouds. Now since we are getting that Spring type of weather, I'm more happy. The view from my backyard.

WDYWT: 1991 Hard VIII's.

Debating if I wanna un-ds these grails, DS 1994, never laced, never worn, Black Cement III's. Just had to look at them after like 2 billion times. Not rockable, yeah collection status, but I rather wear all my shoes once. I need 1988 pair with og box, and i think i'll be done with shoes.