Get owned.

Lately I've been playing xbox 360 and getting my achievement score up right now. Right now I'm currently at 19K + aiming for 20K. I already know that when I hit 20K, I'm going to aim for 25K. I remember when my big brother use to work for Sega in S.F. when he was younger. He use to test and play video games for them. This was when Dreamcast was about to come out and they need feedback and test results from other people perspective view. I need to know if Microsoft has that.

Picked up Justin at Bart and headed back to Jed's house. Next day, hit up Daly city to chill with Allan. Ate and looked around Westlake and such. Afterwards went to my cousins house to eat and drink. Jed and Justin I have the pics you guys locked on my camera. Just ask me.