Mindy & I were both invited to go to a picnic in South City with Karen, King & Roybn's bowling league friends. Usually n Sundays, they go bowling, but since it's summer now, there's not much bowling I guess. Pretty much enjoyed the nice weather and it was pretty hot in South City so I knew that it was more hot in the inland area. Played basketball, ate bbq and played bingo. The cool part about playing bingo was I actually won the first round. I don't know if it had to deal with luck or the card, but I won five dollars from the game.

When the second round started, Mindy had won five dollars as well, but this time, it was a "T" . Meaning you have to get the top row and the middle row down. Karen had won the third round, winning how ever much was in the pot, but since there were two winners, she ended up winning only $13 dollars. Every bowler started to complain and shit, pretty funny actually. After the 5th number was called , I yelled bingo! Everyone was like what the fuck? No Way! but I was only joking haha.

Afterwards, they began to hand out awards for bowling. Pretty cool, and then went back home, in which everyone was pretty tired. Watched the BET awards in which this year was a special one, because it was for Micheal Jackson. Jamie Foxx was host and you already know, dude is mad funny. Everyone had there gloves on for Micheal. The award show was alright I must say. It felt like it was some what unorganized, and kinda not your typical Award show.

When I come home, the first thing that usually is on is my 360, and when I turned it on, I checked out the spotlight and watched a video on Major Nelson. He was in Iraq and he's going to be there until July 4th. During the video, I spots him with a Nikon, he knows whats good. Nikonians!