Went to San Francisco to go Karen's house to drink and remember Michael Jackson's death. I don't no one could ever forget him, even my niece Hailey. She came up to me and whispered "Uncle, Michael Jackson died." I go "I know, but do you know who he is?" Hailey gives me the reply "No." and runs away haha. When we got there, we chilled a bit and then headed out to Safeway to go grab a few things. Afterwards went to Quickly's and headed back to Karen's.

When we got there, Jen, Gel, & Derek was there waiting for us in which I haven't seen in a while. Chilled a bit, but not so long because we were drinking. Oscar had given me a big ass glass which was full of heen and it kicked in hard. I had some other shit, but by the time I was trying other stuff, I couldn't concentrate, everything was so blurry haha.