Santa Cruz

"I'm going to the beach where I belong."

That song was stuck in my head that whole entire day. Yesterday, KJ asked Mindy & I if we wanted to go to Santa Cruz, & I said sure why not. I ended up driving this time thinking everything would be fine, it was until we left. I made a blog entry about it, but I'll explain it later. I haven't been to Santa Cruz ever since I was little and I remember Santa Cruz being more further down, but actually it wasn't. It's more closer than I thought. Before we got there, we had stopped in Union City for majority of stops. Meet up with Albert and caught with him. It's always good to catch up with people you haven't either seen or talked to in a while.

We ended up being at the beach area rather from all the rides and attractions. Didn't end up going on any rides what so ever because all of us had more fun at the beach. Mitch & I went towards to ocean and tried to go against the waves. Right before saying this is the last wave, whiling were kinda soaking wet, the last wave was big as hell and we tried to run, but I fell and almost lost my glasses. Mitch got wet as hell. We went back to dry up and change.

Some of Mitch's and KJ's friends came. Throughout the day we were drinking and playing football. Later on, I decided to try and dig a big hole in the sand and make a fortress with a sniping spot while in prone(on your stomach)like Call of Duty. I had a umbrella for my sniping which was dope as hell, because the sand that I dug was deep and no one could see me, shit was leet haha. That certain spot was were I got buried. They were all making sure I couldn't escape by jumping on me and hitting me.

I couldn't really feel nothing, but the thing that sucked was Mitch and KJ was drunk and Mitch accidentally threw sand all over my face, getting in my ears, mouth and nose. Glad I was wearing glasses, because that shit would of got into my eyes and hurt. My lungs started to hurt and it got really hard to breath. I got one hand out and I was digging my own self out, shit was so heavy on me. Never knew sand could be so heavy at one point in my life. Right when I got out, Mitch and KJ are fighting. This shit happens all the time when they drink, they argue and fight, but most of the time it's funny as hell, with constant comebacks, firing both back and forth, instant classic. Don't worry thay always make up which is great.

"I want things to go my way, but as of later, alot of shit has been going sideways."

When we left, I was going about 66 mph and I didn't know highway 17 speed limit was 50 mph. This sucks, because most of the time, the speed limit signs aren't really posted until 3 to 5 miles after. The cop was nice though, I asked if It was possible to get a warning, but he already has it on the record or computer or whatever. Shit sucks. I have to drive back there for court. After the judge calls my name to plead guilty or not guilty. The judge asks if I can pay the ticket in full or whenever you can. I'm just hoping it's the nicest judge possible in the world and not suspending my license for a year. It's always, always based on the judge's decision.

Some other shit that's been going sideways.
- $60 dollar parking ticket.
- Jobless, fuck Cutco's lying ass.
- Bills, bills & more bills. That's what happens when you grow up, you pay bills.
- As for school, my mom and some family members keep telling me to go back, pushing and pushing me. I'm not so sure about school. Yeah maybe go to CCC which is a community college and get a G.E degree or at least some degree that can benefit me from getting a job. I mean I get asked the same question "What are you going to do now?" I just say work. I just wanna live life honestly. I also need to talk to my cousin on my resume.
- I also might be moving to Union City, CA with Mitch and KJ. It's still at a 50%