Back tracking

Short Recap:
- Santa Cruz Court
- Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Long Recap:
Woke up early again because I had to wake up Mitch and KJ around 7 a.m. ish because they take forever to get ready. Amazingly they got ready before Mindy & I did. I had to go back to Santa Cruz because I had gotten a ticket for speeding. On the way there we ran into traffic on Highway 17. It was backed for about an hour or so due to the road work. It was interesting because most of the time we were going through a bunch of old Cd's in my car and listening to all of them which brought memories. When we got to the court, I was a bit lost and wondering where to go. I ended up asking someone for directions. Once I had got to the criminal and violations area, I asked a few questions because I never got a mail notice for my ticket.

Basically I never did get one in the first place because it wasn't in the computer records. I asked the guy and he said to come back August 21st if I don't receive anything, and if I do, come back. It was all within less then 5 minutes and best of all, there were no lines. I was surprised, maybe the cop felt real sorry for me and my sob story and how I was going to get my license suspended. I am hoping and praying I don't get that ticket.

Afterwards, headed to the boardwalk. We all decided to go and actually walk on both ends and check out every ride and attraction. We only ended up paying 5 dollars each for the haunted house. That ended up scary as hell and was worth the 5 dollars imo. Headed back to the car to set up camp. The weather this time was around 68 to 70 degree's, but windy still We thought it would be cool, but taking a look at the weather, it was ehhh. Some parts were cloudy, and some were sunny.

At one point, a big gust of wind hit us with sand. Mitch kept saying THANK YOU GOD! What sucks, they just got back from buying food, and got sand all over it. The sand was all over my camera and getting into everyone's faces and material objects. I swear, I fucking hate sand. Worst shit ever to get into your face, eyes, ears, and mouth. We decided to leave early because it started to get cold. Ended up playing two rounds of Monopoly at Mitch's. We tried something new were you can automatically buy a city once you get the color set. Worst decision ever!

The night before going to Santa Cruz, I found this lying in front of my door. I have been waiting patiently for my new toy. Finally got battery grip for my camera and a extra battery. I read on the manual that it can take up to 8400 pictures when it's fully charged. First thing that came to my mind was "Dang, thats alot."

Looking for a spot to set up camp, we saw three orange cones. It was a dead seal I believe, not sure.