Lets go around.

Short recap:
- Kit festival in Berkeley.
- Great Mall to do my meet up.
- San Mateo for House of Mayhem Battle.

Long recap:
Woke up really early since the Kite festival started at 6 a.m. When we got there it was almost 11 a.m. ish. The Berkeley police people are smart, they made the whole area 10 dollars for parking. When we got to the festival there was alot of people, I could only imagine what it what it would be later on. Left since my meet up was around 12 to 1 but didn't get to Great Mall at 1 ish. Sold two shoes I was selling. That money is going towards bills anyways. After doing the meet up, ate at the food court and walked around.

After walking around, we went back to my car to decided what to do next since the battle didn't start till later on. We started to play in the hot weather. Since it was hot as hell, we headed to 7 eleven for some slushi and drinks. Headed to San Mateo for the battle early since we had nothing better else to do. When we go there, there was bunch of people. It was probably the most people I've ever saw at the studio. Watched all the battles and ended up leaving. We were all to tired so we we ended up sleeping.