Exploratorium & Mayhem 002

Mitch & KJ asked Mindy & I if we wanted to go to San Francisco's Exploratorium since it was free. Mindy & I said we never been there, but when we got inside we actually remembered we did go here before. Mindy & I went here when we were younger, it just so happens we forgot. Exploratorium was pretty cool, remembered one or two things, but that was it. Everything felt so new to me, but honestly it wasn't. We mainly stayed during motion area, and didn't get to check the upstairs, because we got there sort of late.

Afterwards we headed out to House of Mayhem in San Mateo since Mitch had to teach class. We were running late due to mad city traffic. I hate traffic, and what annoys me most is when it's traffic, but theirs nothing. It's one of those stop and go, stop and go times and then all of a sudden speeds up, like what the fuck? After class, we were all hungry so we went to eat at Hillsdale Mall. There food court was really nice, and barley anybody at the mall in general. We headed back to House of Mayhem after eating since Mitch had practice. Ended up being more of a playing around, doing really nothing, & having fun times. Ended up staying there until 1 a.m. something and we were planning on playing Monopoly, but everyone was just too tired.