For a while, I have been trying to sell my Fisheye lens. I tried all sorts of ways and ideas to sell it, but unfortunately, no luck. I tried one last resort which was Craigslist and surprisingly I had 3 buyers within 3 hours. Maybe it was luck, but who knows. I decided to give it one more day and see what results I get and sure enough, I got more buyers. Called back some people who were interested and got one guy who was really excited about buying my lens.

Picked up Jed and Carla and headed out to San Francisco to do the meet up. I was kinda rushing because we were late. We met up with Ron and chilled until the guy called up. When we got there, it was this Asian dude with glasses by himself with an accent. (No racism intended) He started to check out the lens, and within 10 seconds he stated "Ah man, these aren't VR lens." In my mind I'm already thing, what the fuck? Theres no VR 10.5 Fisheye lens, this dude is dumb.

He ended up flaking on me which sucks, because everything seemed to go well. I checked my e-mail since I had a few buyers from San Francisco. Called this one guy who wanted them badly, but since it was a first come,l first serve basis for me, it was out of luck for him. I called dude up, and luckily he was off work in about an hour. Waited for the guy to call and meet up. The guy was in a hurry so he didn't wanna check out the lens or try it. Ron offered him to try the lens on his D80, but he was in a rush, and didn't check it out all and he told em he trusted me.

Ended up selling the lens, and I was happy with the money I got. Afterwards, we all were pretty much hungry so we went to Westlake and decided to eat Chipotle. After eating, Jed suggested to go to the beach. I forgot the name, but it was somewhere up the hill from Westlake. Dropped off Ron somewhere on Mission St. and since we were tired we went home. During the time I was heading home, Eric gave me a call and it was about a meet up in Hayward for some shoes. I don't know why Eric does meet ups around 8 to 9 p.m. at night, shits weird if you ask me.