Clear Lake Camping Day 001

Quick Recap:
- Prepare the night before camping while rushing.
- Mitch's house to sleep over.
- Mitch's Aunties house in American Canyon.
- Clear Lake.

The day before camping I was out shooting around San Francisco with Ron, Jed, & Zalo. I came home around 11 something that night, without even preparing nothing even though I already knew. Mitch, KJ, & Nick were already packing and they said they were sleeping early since we had to wake up early and leave early. It turns out when Mindy & I got done packing and preparing, Mitch & KJ didn't start. We ended up sleeping around 2 something in the morning and waking up around 8 something. Got everything packed into one in KJ's truck.

Headed out American Canyon to meet up with Mitch's family since this was a family camping trip but I didn't find out till later about that. Once we left, we ate at Jack In The Box, but we wanted to eat Sonic's instead but that didn't happened. The way going to Clear Lake was one hell of a road. So many curves, trippy lanes, narrow lanes. It was all abd in general. After about 2 hours or so, we finally got there.

Got all our stuff and finally put our tent up. Took us 10 plus people when Mitch's uncle Jeff, only took him one haha. After that we ended up going towards the Lake to swim. I didn't end up swimming since it didn't look so nice. Clear Lake is not clear, I have no idea why it's called that. Chilled after, went on a few walks, and checked out the sunset. Took some video clips for random t.v. for Mitch & Nicks Youtube thingy.

Watched the stars at night and tried to look for stars flying and we were planning on watching the meteor shower but, we ended up crashing at 11. It was dark as hell, we kept hearing noise at night around 2 something in the morning. I was scared as hell because I kept hearing shit from the trees and what not. I had to go take a piss, but was to scared. Finally everyone got the courage to get it. Ended up crashing and going to sleep. Not bad I suppose since I never went camping before. Dam bugs!

With a stroke of luck, I got a shooting star, but the thing that sucks, is the fact I didn't bring my tripod. Sucks, I was using a cooler box haha.

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