Through the cracks and pits.

Quick Recap:
- Zalo's house.
- Shooting around San Francisco.
- Ron's house.

Long Recap:
I wanted to shooting for a while and I finally decided to go shooting. Hit up a few people and tried to make more com, but people just either didn't wanna come or they were busy. Woke up early for once and headed to Zalo's house. From there we waited for Ron since he took bus. Waited for a while. While waiting we ate some soup since the weather was ugly in the morning. After waiting, Ron finally came and we headed out. Started off first going to Embarcadero.

After Embarcadero and shooting hella pictures, we ended up deciding to go to Pier 39 since it's an tourist attraction area. Checked out some stores and played a few games. After that, everyone was tired and the sum was starting to go down. We ended up leaving. Headed towards back to Zalo since I didn't wanna pay for parking. Ate at McDonald's and Karl hit us up since there was a meteor shower going on. Karl was with Sean at the time, so we waited for them to meet up with us after eating.

We followed them and ended up some place. Again no parking in San Francisco so we ended up not taking pictures or chilling with them. Headed to Ron's house since we never been there before. House was cool. Ended up going on top of his roof which was a great view of San Francisco. Got pretty late, so we ended up leaving. Got a free Nikon box full of stuff. Thanks again Ron.

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