Few more things.

Lately been chilling with Mitch & KJ the last past few days. They introduced us to this new game called Moshimonsters. Yes I am on there and it's a very fun and addicting game because you earn Rox which is cash and you level up. Pretty interesting and fun game. If you like Neopets, this game website thingy is for you. I have also been playing N64 since I love old school games and what not. I always remember, old school never dies.

Mindy also recently got her haircut. She cut it short, at first it was something I wasn't use to because I have always seen her with long hair. It looks lovely on her.

I took this pano shot outside of my house since I haven't done one in probably the longest. Thanks Ron for getting me that PS son!

Mitch wanted me to take pictures and record him teaching class in San Francisco for Funkanometry SF, Company class. This was probably the most people I have seen him teach. There was also another guy who was recording. Pretty cool guy.