Get up.

Short Recap:
- Jed's house.
- Richmond Court.
- El Cerrito Plaza
- Wing Stop.
- Downtown Berkeley.
- Looking Glass Photo.
- Toys “R” Us
- Monopoly, monopoly & more monopoly.

Long Recap:
I wanted to stop by my local camera store to go get me a rocket blower and a wireless remote. I asked Ron & Zalo to see if they wanted to come since Ron loves Looking Glass Photo. Before picking them up, stopped by Jed's house to come pick him up. Afterwards, headed to Richmond Superior Court to pay off my speeding ticket. After waiting for who knows how long, headed out El Cerritto plaza to pick up Zalo and Ron. We all got hungry so we decided to go eat some Wing Stop. After eating we headed out to Berkeley for Looking Glass Photo.

Looking Glass Photo always has great camera items and lenses as always. Got myself a blower thanks to Mindy. Headed down towards the college campus since Ron and Zalo never actually checked out some of the spots. Checked out a few places. Ended up walking all over to kill time. Ended up going to a games and hobby place to get a new monopoly board, but ended up being a little more then what we expected. Headed back to Looking Glass Photo since Ron lost his eye piece.

Headed towards Toys “R” Us since there monopoly prices are cheaper. Ended up getting the original version which is great because it was cheap and we like things original. Played Monopoly for the longest that Ron and Zalo knocked out at my place. They thought online was going to be the same, they thought different hah!

This guy bought a Mark 5D II with 17-40mm f/4 L lens. Enjoying that little bad boy already.