By any chance.

Quick Recap:
- Meet up & post office
- Jed's house.
- Fatlace.
- Japantown.
- Zalo's house.
- Downtown San Francisco.

Long Recap:
I wanted to stop by Fatlace for a minute after Mindy showed me a couple goodies on there site. Did a quick meet up (Thanks Ryan) so I could get some cash flow to go cop some goodies. Headed to Jed's house to chill. Waited for Carla to get ready, picked her up, and left. Prefect timing because we had hit carpool hours. Headed towards Fatlace, but when we got there, they were on lunch break or something. Ended up checking Japantown to look and what not. Saw Laarni working and said Hi to her. (If your reading this Laarni, Hi.) Mindy rather buy her watch from you instead of the other store.

Headed back to Fatlace to see if they were open. Ended up going quick because I was parked on some 30 minute tow away zone. Lucky enough, nothing happened. Got what I wanted from Fatlace. Left to go to Zalo's house so we all can go downtown and shop around. Saw Sean out of no where, but right when that happened, I got shitted on by a bird for the first time in my life. Shit was warm, yellow & white. Luckily it was on my hand, and not my clothes. Mindy had some hand sanitizer so thank god for that. I was pretty much paranoid through out the whole day because of that little incident.

After talking to Sean and Zalo for a minute, while Mindy & Carla were shopping, Sean had to go since he had to go eat out for dinner with his family or of some sort. Headed back to Zalo's, since it was getting cold and late. Found out that he had Xbox live back, which was great.