Run This Town

Mr. Gabriel Diaz aka finally came through with chilling. Decided to hit him up and to find out he was actually free. He was staying in South City with his cousin's Tessa. Pretty cool that she had graduated Cal State Hayward since I use to go there. When we got there, as always, it's great to see the person you wanna chill with in person. It's amazing how the internet can revolve and meet and greet people. Met his family members.

From there we waited for his Kuya so we can go eat. Ended up that we did wait for him, but he had to go. After waiting, we were all hungry so we ended up eating at Carl's Jr. Bought a chocolate shake for Mindy & I. Everyone else just had burgers & fries. Headed to Tanforan to go shop and what not. Went back to Tessa's house to chill most of the time. Most of use got hungry again so we got some KFC & Taco Bell. I didn't know KFC had this half gallon bucket drink for 3 dollars. Ended up getting it. Headed back to Tessa's house to chill and play Uno most of the time. Ended up leaving because Mindy was upset & we were arguing. Courtesy of some pictures go to Gabriel & Mindy.

I came to find that Jon called me with some horrible news. His cousin Chad V. passed away from an accident. This happened on Friday when he was coming back from work. At first I thought Jon was just kidding with me, fucking around you know? In my mind was he is either fucking with me or he's acting retarded as hell. Found out he wasn't joking at all. It's so hard to believe, I ended up kind of crying because I knew him more then JayR who recently passed away. Mindy ended up crying harder then me. Man such a tragedy for 2009, so many lives who we have lost. My prayers goes towards my best friend Jon Dumlao and his family.

R.I.P Chad V. 1976 - 2009 I'll miss you dawg.