Rhandy's 18th Birthday

Short Recap:
- Davis.
- All you can sushi.
- ABDC Season 4.
- Monopoly with Mitch & KJ.

Long Recap:
Woke up with the sound of yelling from someone. Didn't wake up till 1 something and was still hella tired from the two nights before. Ended up chilling and relaxing at the house while on the internet doing the typical runs. After waiting for a couple people, headed out to Davis for some all you can eat sushi. Once we were there, it was hot as hell. The temperature increased and kicked in about another 20 to 30 degrees. Scorching hot as hell over there in Davis. Ate at some sushi love boat place. It was alright, wouldn't recommend it. Waiters suck, food was not all that great, & overall made me feel sick. I spent more time taking pictures, then eating.

After eating, we headed back home, in which there was mad traffic. Again I hate traffic. Chilled back at the house to watch America's Best Dance Crew, Season 4. All I have to say this season is garbage as hell. The hell is wrong with MTV?! They want a East Coast crew to win, and they give us this crap. Just take a look at Season 1 and 2, better crews, than season 3 and 4. To sum it up if you haven't seen it, my votes goes towards Rhythm City. There more based on what dancing really is.

I got word from Mitch that Massive Monkees was suppose to be on Season 2, rather from season 4. Interesting note on that. After watching it, headed out to Mitch's to play Monopoly. Can't believe we did 3 Rounds, crazy us.

Shout out to Gabriel Diaz aka watchmyhadouken.net. Catch you soon homie, you know what's good.