San Francisco's Pistahan Festival

Short Recap:
- Pistahan Festival.
- The Hundreds & Huf.
- Daly City & South City.
- Karens house.
- Monopoly with Mitch & KJ.

Long Recap:
The day before Pistahan's Festival, I ended up sleeping at 4 something in the morning. I woke up around 7 to 8 in the morning because I had to wake up early. After getting many calls, headed out to Daly City to pick up Eric & Edwardo since they also wanted to come and check out the festival. It dam near took an hour and 30 minutes to get to Daly City because of all the traffic. After wards, we got downtown to find out there were more traffic. See the thing that annoys me about San Francisco is all the one way streets & pedestrians. Finally got parking and got at the festival around 2 something.

Meet up with Ron since he was waiting for us and Zalo came through with his brother. Walked around a few times or so & I kept getting calls constantly and it started to irritate me more and more. Meet up with Oliver to since I haven't seen him in a while, and he kept calling most of the time. Afterwards, headed to The Hundreds & Huf since Eric wanted to check out Huf's 40% off sale. Eric ended up copping a shirt. Then Eric wanted to go to Macy's since he had received a gift card. Got another shirt there.

Since everyone was pretty much tired from walking around, we headed back to Daly City to drop off Eric. Gave Edwardo a ride to his place in South City. Hit up Ed since he lives in South City. Chilled for a bit and got some 7 Eleven since we were hungry. Headed back to San Francisco to drop off Ron since he needed to go visit his grandpa (My Prayers go to your grandpa, I hope he's doing alright Ron) After dropping off everyone, headed to Karen's house since we haven't been there in a while. Ate, relaxed, and finally took a nap since I was tired. Got an hour or two of sleep and decided to watch some movies and play some poker.

Mindy & I were waiting for KJ's text message or phone call to see if we were going to a party in Sunnyvale, but ended up they were tired and KJ didn't feel like driving so Mitch and KJ decided to play Monopoly instead. When I got home, I notice I took over 100 pictures, and only ended up with a few. Finally got to try out my new toy. Like it alot, but i'm not to sure if I am going to keep it or not.

Shout out to Peter with the D3, I see you.