Dig into the past

Yesterday, I went to my backyard to see what I can capture. Of course, my backyard is an adventure full of things waiting. There was a particular moment were I saw about five or six birds, but 18-105mm wasn't cutting it. In my mind, I was hopping I had my 180mm f/2.8 still or I wish a 70-200mm f/2.8. Yeah that would really be nice, real nice. It's like one of those times were you wish you had this or that lens to take that capture in your mind you see were no one else see's what you see. I see that kind of shit all the time.

That night, ended up playing Milton Bradley's Life. It was the electronic version since my older brother had given it to me. We played it for the first time with Mitch & KJ. they were saying it sucks and they disliked it. After a while, they gave it a chance and played another round of years. After wards played Monopoly and then another round of monopoly. Left Mitch's house are 3 something a.m ish. Ended up watching Recess at 4 a.m. and knocking out. As always, peep my flickr and follow!