Rainy days

Another rainy day while yesterday was sunny and nice. Glad that it's only going to rain just one time this week. I went to my backyard for some backyard adventures to see what I can capture. I also took some shots in my front yard to also see what I can capture as well. Got some stuff I like and some stuff I ended disliking, but what can I say or do. Mindy & I are starting plan and come up with unique ideas for Halloween since last year we ended up doing nothing. What will you be for Halloween 2009? As always, peep my Flickr, and follow!


Going back and looking through this current Photobucket folder, I came across Albert's D80 grip with 18-55mm f/3.5 -5.6 & Derek's XTI grip with 24-105mm f/4. Ahh good times. I notice a change in my tag & picture size.