Pretty much did the usual, chilled at Mitch's and played drunk Monopoly with KJ & Mindy. I need to look more into about playing in actual competitions because I'm getting more and more into it. I know that every year they hold down a Monopoly tournament with the top 50 contestants. About a couple hours from now, Modern Warfare 2 drops and I didn't reserve mine. I'm waking up and walking in at any store that sells them. I mean it's not that limited really. Any who, as always peep my Flickr and follow!


1. On Twitter I got some feedback, so shout out to these people who gave me some feedback. Again, I only use Twitter for the main part to promote my blog, everything else is whatever. I probably know only 25% of the people who follow me, and the other 75% is just people who follow me for other reasons.

CommissionShop: dope blog post btw
ayoPATRICK: really dope blog, been following you

Thanks again, appreciate it.

2. By January 2010, I plan on getting Flickr Pro, that way I never really have to worry about Photobucket exceeding my photos, and as most of many people know that's on Flickr, picture quality is better. Thats probably the one thing I hate is the fact that photobucket exceeds my photos and I have re-up them again. I have over 90 photobucket accounts, yes 90.

3. I am also currently working on 2009 recap. Should be interesting.

Going through some photos through one of my photobucket accounts, came across picture with Marvin & me. Thanks again homie for lending me fisheye lens. For some situations, I am grateful to lend it to me.

Marvins, Nikon d300 grip w 17-55 f/2.8, & him holding Nikon D3, 2008.

Justin & Jed, miss you guys.