Mindy & I, four years passed, but due to rain, I only took about three pictures. Since today was a special day to us, I decided to dress up nice, then I normally do, but we did agreed to go to San Francisco the next day. So we ended up calling Mitch & KJ to see if they wanted to come along and eat at Sun Valley Mall. Ate at Johnny Rocket's and bought a shake and root beer float which I never do. All of us ended up job hunting and asking for applications. After wards, just went to Walmart to roam around and kill time since you can never get bored there, really.

Jeremiah & Ashely wanted to play couple Monopoly since the last time we all played was the day that Obama got elected president. Headed to Mitch's house to play Super Monopoly that consisted of four boards. Mindy & I ended up getting most of the property, but due to staying on Las Vegas Monopoly board over and over, I ended up losing, how typical is that? Ended up dropping Jeremiah at Ashely's house, and came back to play Monopoly twice. Ended around five something in the morning, so we ended up crashing at Mitch's.

Woke up, ate breakfast since KJ, Mitch, or Mitch's mom cooked breakfast. Played one more game of Monopoly, but this time I suggested to actually play the real official legit way since we never play the legit way and always break the rules. I ended up winning & I kept telling them that you would not like playing this way. Mindy & I left to head back to my house to get ready. Headed out to Bart towards San Francisco. Waited for Ron & Zalo. Zalo finally paid me my ten dollars. Chilled at stores, and Zalo decided to treat us to some Burger King. Afterwards, walked around and Mindy got free Hello Kitty Balloons. Since it was getting late, we decided to cut. Any who, as always, peep my Flickr and Follow!