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Silliy Diliy: @dunksrnice has the greatest blog of 09. #realtalk
- Appreciate it, Thank you very much.

KaYoTiK: @dunksrnice so i've been trying to click on your ads but can't see anything except for an adsense box. screenshot of where the ads are at?
- At least your helping me out, thats all I can ask, appreciate it a lot.

I have hit my goal in Modern Warfare 2. I made it to 6th prestige because I'm constantly playing the game. I really like the medal, looks cool, but I really dig the 8th one. Who know's, might stay at 6th prestige.

MW2 Status:
Kills Rank: 114 Global out of 5million plus
Score Rank: 227 Global out of 5 million plus
Wins Rank: 1011 Global out of 5 million plus

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Mindy was going through her daily Tumblr, and came across this. Shout out to Anthony. Appreciate it.