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marquerobinson: @dunksrnice you blog is serious business bro. it would be appreiciated if you checked out
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CommissionShop: RT @dunksrnice: Blog updated: Check this man out!
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mahalmichelle: Check out @dunksrnice's blog at - He's got some great photography stuff in there.
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Since my headset broke for the second time, Mindy bought me another one, which makes it my third headset. I also bought another black beanie which was only $1 dollar at Walmart.

Joshua Banez on twitter said that he wanted a picture of my kills rank to see if it was legit, here is what he said on Twitter, "@dunksrnice take a pic of ur global rank for codmw2 if it's legit." Well here you go Joshua Banez, as requested. /I went from 117 yesterday to 103
. I can't really join like legit games, due to the fact alot of people online are hacked/glitched servers which leads to Domination or Free For All on Rust. For those who play online, know what I mean.

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