Just been working. I really like it a lot. Tommy my manager gives me a lot of benefits that makes work not really work. He's planning to have a printing business up and running so that's something good for photography in the future. Not only that, last night after my shift was done, we were discussing a future photography shop, seems like a really cool idea. I know that some time in the future I still wanna keep working with him and run our own business one day. Another day at work.

Twitter shout outs

PauloGGarcia @dunksrnice nice work dude. Keep it up.
- Thanks Paulo.

@dunksrnice I really dig that photo of the nightime shot of the city in the slanted post, what lens didya use?
- Thanks, I used 17-55mm f/2.8 for that shot.

solexlife RT @dunksrnice: Blog updated, www.dunksrnice.net
NickCity @dunksrnice Blog is dope homie. Caught you on #nt, been checking it since.
JAGtheory @dunksrnice Meee! Haha Rolo your blog has kept me sane through these recent rainy days! Keep doing what you do.
- Thanks.

KoolMoeBee @dunksrnice can you promote my band?
Omar_L @dunksrnice gotta shout out www.realmangojuice.com dude!! Haha
- There you go.

Kplusvin @dunksrnice Get Money, Get Paid!. PAIN KILLAAAA. YEE YEE. WHEEE @dunksrnice that was my shoutout Rolo. Post that on da blog aiigh
- Lol.

KingZarus1 @dunksrnice waddup son, just hollerin at ya. Lemme know if u ever come down for mardi gras. I got u
- Fo sho, one day.

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