Up and down.

Google Ads & links disabled/suspended.
Google has disabled/suspended my ad sense links due to valid clicks. This is mad retarded. There's not way there was some invalid clicks going on. A lot of people asked me how much I have made and to be honest I never received any paycheck or any type of money from Google. The last time I checked when it was still up and running was under $300 or a little over $300. Ron told me that Google won't give you anything unless you reach there goal or something like that. He said $500 but I highly doubt that.

I started in December, and I found out I get 1000 - 2000 views a day. Some days I surpass 2000 depending if it's a good day. I had over 34K plus views within one month I believe. Pretty crazy. It sucks the fact they believe in something like that. Some of my friends who have tried it also got disabled/suspended from it. Shits weak to be honest. From the looks of it, I don't think I'll ever be back on it. I'll use Google only for search engines & images, but thats i

Like always, I find myself busy with work. I'm finally off Tuesday's & Friday's. Not bad, although the down side is now that I'm officially done with training with Metro. I work be myself at another location. It's another one of Tommy's business's he owns. Sucks because I really liked working at my training place and was always looking forward to work. The great part about it is that I live an exit away from work. I also now I have learn everything there is about Boost Mobile now. Great more phones to remember.

Opportunity missed.
Saturday was a regular day of work, but Mitch had told me that Breezy Excursion was doing a photoshoot for there clothing line in San Jose. I really missed out, and I could of went, but I had work. All I really had to do was call Tommy and let him know, because after I told him, he said I should of called and he would of let me off early. Fuck! Should of done it. I regret it because after they were done with there photoshoot and Ron & me waited 4 hours+, I soon found out that the photographer was late, lens didn't auto focus, pictures were whack, bad lighting, & overall garbage poses from what I heard.

If I would left work early, and came down, they told me I could of been the photographer taking pictures. Those pictures were being submitted to all the major clothing brands, not only that a studio for taking pictures, and best of all a paid photographer. Fuck, I missed a big opportunity big time. I kept telling myself this year, when an opportunity is given, take it, because it can lead to something even better. This would of been great for my portfolio. Dam, I really missed it. All I can say is dam.

- Jed's birthday party was yesterday. Some white girls were acting ghetto and trying to start something mad funny. Harpy birthday again Jed.
- Going to San Francisco tomorrow to chill with Sean, should be interesting.
- Been doing some research on camera bodies and lens. Planning to upgrade again with new lens.
- Got my first wedding gig in March for Mitch's mom's. Hawaiian attire, not sure what to wear yet.

- When I hit my limit on Flickr, I'm going to get my pro account.

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