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I have been working lately. Again thanks to Eric & Tommy. I decided to bring my camera to work today and luckily out of all the days, it was the day of the ribbon cutting. The mayor of San Pablo was there and I suppose a few other important people was there as well, but didn't get the chance to know who they were because I was helping customers out. Mindy, K.J, & Ron stopped by and visited me.

Afterwards, I had to run a few errands for Tommy. Headed out to Wingstop to meet up with Mitch, K.J, Ron & Mindy. Talked for a while and then decided to head out after. Went back to my house & waited for Tommy to be at his house. Tommy Recently moved in to his new house which is really nice. Got to see some cool stuff. Saw there baby, Troy. Talked for a while and then I got kinda tired so I decided to cut out.


- Found out that I had 5 points on my driving record and it would of been $600ish a month. Roughly around $7,000+. My parents decided that it was best to go and have my own insurance. I found out that if you have a violation and it's finally paid off, that's when the 3 years start to clear off your record. They don't tell you this, and this is how they make there money one way. I thought in the process of it would be clear, but I was wrong. Shit sucks.

- Going to be at another dance show this Saturday for a dance event I believe, it's called Empower. Fanny Pack & Supreme soul shall be there, so people should go. I decided to take that day off, and get some photo coverage.

- I plan on getting my own phone.

- I work almost everyday, I want it that way, so I can stay occupied.

- For those who are waiting for there free stickers, I got you still. Yes it's long over due, but don't worry.

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