2010 Valentines Day & Chinese New Years

Valentines day was the day of Chinese New Years. Although I am not Chinese, I was surprised that I got some red envelopes. I took the day off to go to San Francisco's annual pillow fight. I got a text from Tommy asking if I wanted to take pictures of his son Troy in his Chinese new year out fit. Of course I would take pictures of Troy. Gives me practice, not only that if it's a great shot I really like I can add it to my portfolio. Afterwards, headed to pick up Jed & Carla since they wanted to tag along. This reminds me of last year that we could of been at the pillow fight but instead we were with Chris and missed out big time.

After picking up Jed & Carla, headed out to Ron's to eat & chill for a while. Ate and found out that he doesn't use aluminum or pans for cooking pizza. Straight up thrown in the oven. Headed to Ron's Aunt's house and walked to Bart since I knew today was going to be busy and packed. Took Bart to Powell and walked down to Embarcadero. It's not a long walk, unless your lazy. At first I didn't know exactly where the location was. I thought it was by the trains and piers but it was in the plaza.

The event started at 6:00 p.m, but before that we saw constant pillows. People came early & so did we because I knew that it would get packed. Got a good spot and meet a new guy. His name was Richard. He was shooting with a 40D & 70-200 f/4. I saw a ton of cameras. I also saw this lady who I guess was a professional, because she had four Canon bodies. All four of those bodies had L lens & a speedlight. Not only that, she had a backpack and more lens around her waist. I swear this girl was about to fall over because she was skinny and mad short. As soon as the event started, and people kept hitting each other, I felt the ground shake. It was almost like a stampede.

After 15 minutes, I was done taking pictures, and it was mad crowded heading back. I was tired and so was everyone else. Headed back to the more main part of downtown. Went to H&M to look around. Mindy ended up buying a sweater. Afterwards, took Bart back to Ron's aunt's house. Drove back to Ron's to grab a few things & my cousins laptop. Dropped off the laptops at Karen's house. All in all, that was probably the best Valentines Day I have ever had. For Chinese new years, I know that goes on for two weeks long. Me & Jed have decided to make a Filipino new year. If there's a Chinese new year, why not a Filipino new year?

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