Pre pictures.

I had another photoshoot to take pictures of my older brother Rey's co-worker Adel's daughter's Rizelle's 18th birthday cotillion pictures. These pictures were just for the program alone I believe. The day of her party is on the 27th of Saturday. This was another great chance to take pictures for portrait shots, practice shots, & another one I can add to my portfolio. Sean was also helping me out taking pictures. Afterwards, we were hungry so we decided to eat at Sonic's. This time wasn't crowded as much as before.

After eating, we headed out to Berkeley for Looking Glass Photo for some camera gear. Sean ended up buying a white back drop. He was trying to buy some old film, but didn't have enough. I am also planning to come back and buy some umbrellas. They had one for one hundred something. Hopefully this one it good and worth my money. After we were done headed out back to my house to chill and work on the pics. Sean taught me some new post processing ways that I should start doing in Lightroom 2. Thanks Sean.

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046 of 365, Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies.