Has work on Monday, it was chill. I opened a new bank account, for a new start after I'm done being on my previous one. I also started commission + hourly at work, so I can earn more which is great. Today I had to do a meet up for some shoes. Thanks Darren. Stopped by and visited people at my old college campus, Cal State Hayward. Seems the same, but with some new stuff. Thanks to Chung for showing Mindy & me around. Chilled with Romar as well. Afetrwards, headed to Ikea for ideas and for food since Mindy & I were hungry. not a bad day for a day off.

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Thanks again Darren.

031 of 365, The Hundreds Pillow.

032 of 365, Gameboy Color.

033 of 365, Panda Z.