Plans were changed up constantly back and forth. the original plan was suppose to be with Sean & head out to San Jose but then Mitch asked if I wanted to go with them to Union City, Hayward, & San Jose. Ended up going with them after all. Mitch had practice with some of the members of Supreme Soul & K.J had to go to her eye doctor appointment. Chilled with Mitch and met Gian. After K.J was done and got back, we headed to meet up with Pia(Nice to finally meet you and Kevin for the first time) at Best Buy since K.J was buying nail polish off her. Out of no where it started to rain so hard. Checked out Best Buy for a minute and then left.

Went back to Mitch's practice to chill and wait. Since it was raining, most of the plans didn't go according to what we really wanted to do. Ended up going to Target and Walmart for the most part. Bought a new game called Mad Gab. Afterwards, met up with Albert & John. They brought there fixes. Rode around a bit with there fixes and then Albert & me got some practice of taking some pan shots. Not bad for a first try by me I suppose. After wards, got Ron at Bart. Headed to Mitch's to play Mad Gab and drink. Didn't end up sleeping until 3ish.

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029 of 365, Good Burger.

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