New ideas.

Mondays are a fresh of a new start of the week. I had work again like always. I was brainstorming on new ideas for my blog. What I came up was;

Spotlight Mondays: One consisting of peoples blog I check here and there or everyday. This is just like my 365, except for 365 days, its 52 weeks.

This weeks Spotlight Mondays, week 001 of 052:

Nightlife Mondays
: This was just a random thought on how can I progress my photography night skills to better myself. I just decided to do one random day, and I came up with Monday. Fresh start, new day.

This weeks Nightlife Mondays, week 001 of 052: Hercules, CA.

As always, peep my Flickr. Thanks.

Spotlight Mondays: Week 001 of 052,

Nightlife Mondays: Week 001 of 052, Hercules CA.

053 of 365, Spotty Dotty Sanrio.