Rainy days.

Today was my day off from work and what better day to go out in the rain and take pictures while your camera gets wet. Pretty fun. Not only that it was IHOP's free pancake day. Last year we went with Jed, but not this time. Sean also came with us to Looking Glass Photo in Berkeley to help me out and pick up some umbrellas for off flash photography and also for up coming events. Thanks Sean. Picked up two umbrellas, next is some stands. After Looking Glass Photo, Mindy & me headed out to Walmart for some needed materials.

I ended up getting a new 360. Got the Arcade since I already have my old hard drive from my previous 360. After 30+ RROD's, it finally gave out on number 33. What a trooper. If I ever get RROD on my arcade, I think i'm just going to get an elite or something. Reason why I don't want a PS3 is because most of my friends I play with are on there. Yeah the internet is free, but it's weak and slow. I rather pay for some good internet rather for some free cheap slow stuff.

Twitter shout outs;
cantstopjontuck - Blog updated.. check him out.. Real humble guy.. dunksrnice.net @dunksrnice
martinTAPALLA - @dunksrnice Geez, do you ever take a bad picture? haha. :P
DreEastwood - @dunksrnice good look on the comment bro. I like the new ideas you got too. I'm looking forward to the night shots
- Thanks Fam.

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054 of 365, IHOP's Free Pancake Day.