It's time

If you remember, I stated that I was selling majoirty of my collection and the from selling will go into my career in photography. I'm only keeping my customs and the sentimental vaule ones that I can't part with. I will have my shoe collection up some time next week. Here's a list on whats for sale.

For serious buyers & people who are really interested, i'll take photos of them. Please e-mail me

- 1994 VNDS Red/White I's Size 9, no og box
- 1995 VNDS/NDS OG Black/Red XI's size 9.5 with og box and tissue
- 1999 VNDS Wearable White Cement IV's Size 9, no og box
- 1998 OG VNDS/NDS Black/Blue XIII Lows Size 9.5, no og box
- 2001 VNDS Painted True Blue III's size 9, no og box
- 2001 VNDS Black Cement III's Size 9.5, og everything
- 2001 VNDS Black/Red I's size 9, og box and tissue
- 1991 NDS Wearable OG Hare VII's Size 9.5, no og box
- 2008 DS CDP Hare VII's Size 9.5, og everything

- OG DS Cracked Air Flight Low size 8.5 og everything
- VNDS/NDS Purple Stussy Court Forces Size 9, og everything
- VNDS Nike SB Bocas Size 9.5 og everything
- DS Air Tech Challenge II Size 9 og everything
- NDS Viotech Trainers Size 9 no og box
- NDS Nike SB Bamboo Trainers size 9 no og box
- VNDS Tailwinds Size 9, no og box
- NDS In4mation Halfcabs Size 9 no og box
- NDS Kicks Hi Chuckkas Size 9 no og box

For serious buyers
- 1989 OG Beat/NDS Fire Red IV's size 9 no box
- 1988 OG Cracked/Beat Black Cement III's Size 9 comes with og nike box


Custom idea back in 2006 that I never got to do.
Incomplete custom.


2001 Black Cement III's.

1999 IV's.

For my future Son/Daughter, baby supremes haha.
Baby Supreme.

2001 True Blue III's.

1991 OG Hare VII's

1994 White/Red I's.

Baby III's.


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124 of 365.