Los Angeles, Day 3

My last day in Los Angeles wasn't quite planned as I thought it would be. Some plans went the way they were, while some wern't, but all in all I had fun really. The day started off actually heading to Azusa Pacific University for Jamal's game. Waited for Kamz & Maile to pick us up and since we were running on really limited time, we decided to eat at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. Their scrambled eggs and waffles are always on point. Def worth the wait. Headed out to Fairfax area to meet up with Don, Esta, & E.p. I mean, I really didn't care as much what we did but as long as we meet up then it was all good with me. Left right after meeting up and headed back to Azusa Pacific Academy. Right when we got dropped off, Jamal was done with his game and went to this pastrami joint, but we didn't end up eating, but Karen, Jamal & his basketball team did. Waited in the car and rested a bit with Mindy.

Headed back to San Diego and their wasn't as much traffic going back. When we got back, rested for a bit and then we got picked up by Isaac & Andy. Both of them wanted to show some spots in San Diego since we didn't get to do it the other night. We ended up meeting up Ant as well and just did some night shooting and talked. The skyline and calm water made it even better. Afterwards, Ant decided to cut early and we decided to go downtown by the convention center and I must say, that place is really live at night. Not only that, it's really nice. Not a bad day really, it was just a bit too short. Their's so much that Mindy & I want to do out here. Hopefully the next time is just as great, but even better. I just wanna thank Kamz for driving around & Maile for tagging along. I really appreciate that very much. Thanks for Don, Esta, & EP for meeting up as well. Sorry John, we just didn't have much time as I thought we did, but at least we did meet up according to plans. Thanks for making me & Mindy's stay the best!








Above all.

Mindy & Kamz.

Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles.


Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles.

Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles.


Don, E.P, & Esta.

Don & Esta B&W.

Hero B&W.


Spot B&W.

San Diego skyline.




212 of 365
212 of 365.