Last bits of it

Today was the last day Mindy & I were staying in Socal. The day started off actually Isaac & Andy picking us up and going downtown to Horton Plaza since we didn't actually check out any stores there. Mindy wanted to buy some new Toms since hers are dirty and slowly breaking down. After seraching and looking around we had no luck so we decided to try a couple more stores, but still had no luck. Afterwards, we meet Rudy who was friends with Isaac & Andy. We got hungry so we ate at Brian's 24. Food wasn't bad, but Isaac ordered chicken and waffles. Their waffles are belgium waffles and man they looked so delicious and it was a big portion of it. Since I flight was around in the afternoon decided to get their early to be safe rather then sorry.

The flight wasn't bad going back. Waited to get picked up by Rhandy and drove back in traffic. I prefer Bay Area traffic rather then Socal traffic in general. At least I know the traffic is not as bad. Thanks again Isaac for driving and showing us around San Diego. Thanks Andy and Rudy for tagging along as well. Thanks San Diego & Los Angeles heads that took your time to meet up, talk, chill and have a great time. You guys know who you are and I am very greatful for that. It's never enough to say thank you and appreciate it, so thank you and I appreciate it. Thanks for everything really. Our vacation was short, but planned better then expected. See you all next time, if not very soon!






Brian's 24.

Brian's 24.





Gate B&W.

Board B&W.





Before B&W.


213 of 365
213 of 365.